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PoshGram - FAQ


I want to start using this, but how do I create a Telegram Bot and get a token?

See Setting Up Telegram Bot.

How do I determine what Chat ID my bot is a part of?

See How do I determine my chat ID number?

How can I use PoshGram to have my bot send stickers?

See PoshGram-Sticker-Info.

How can I properly engage formatting text in messages?

How can I use PoshGram to send inline Emojis?

See Sending emojis.

How can I send properly formed keyboards?

See Sending keyboards.

Why does PoshGram only support higher versions of PowerShell?

  • Why is PowerShell 6.1.0 (or higher) required? - Why can't I use 5.1?

    • For new files to be uploaded and sent to a chat via bot, Telegram requires the use of multipart/form-data. This is not natively supported in 5.1. It is available in 6.0.0, but requires the manual creation of the form. 6.1.0 introduces native form capabilities. Functions that reference a URL, or that only use messaging (Send-TelegramTextMessage) are 5.1 compatible. However, you would have to pull these functions out separately if you are absolutely set on using 5.1
  • I don't want to use PowerShell 6.1.0 (or higher) because I primarily use 5.1 or lower

    • Good news - PowerShell 6.1.0+ installs to a completely separate folder, has a completely different exe (pwsh.exe), and references a different module path. This means you can install it on any system and use PoshGram while continuing to use any other version of PowerShell
    • Here are some examples of how you can call PS 6.1 and use PoshGram from older versions of PowerShell:

      #here is an example of calling PowerShell 6.1+ from PowerShell 5.1 to send a Telegram message with PoshGram using dynamic variables in the message
      $botToken = #########:xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”
      $chatID = -#########”
      $test = "I am a test"
      & '.\Program Files\PowerShell\6\pwsh.exe' -command "& {Import-Module PoshGram;Send-TelegramTextMessage -BotToken $botToken -ChatID $chatID -Message '$test';}"
      #here is an example of calling PowerShell 7+ from PowerShell 5.1 to send a Telegram message with PoshGram
      & 'C:\Program Files\PowerShell\7\pwsh.exe' -command { Import-Module PoshGram;$botToken = '#########:xxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx';$chatID = '-nnnnnnnnn';Send-TelegramTextMessage -BotToken $botToken -ChatID $chatID -Message "Test from 5.1 calling 7+ to send Telegram Message via PoshGram" }

Are there any restrictions when using PoshGram?

  • Bots can currently send files of up to 50 MB in size
  • Certain functions are limited to certain file extensions, see each function's documentation for more information