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PoshGram Changelog

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.


  • Module Changes
    • Bumped pwshEmojiExplorer requirement to v0.8.2


  • Module Changes
    • Added dependency for pwshEmojiExplorer module
    • Send-TelegramTextMessage - BREAKING CHANGES INTRODUCED
      • Replaced the DisablePreview parameter with three new parameters due to Telegram replacing the field disable_web_page_preview with link_preview_options
        1. LinkPreviewURL
        2. LinkPreviewOption
        3. LinkPreviewAboveText
      • Added examples for new blockquote entity parsing in MarkdownV2 and HTML parse modes.
    • Get-TelegramStickerPackInfo - potential breaking change
      • This function no longer uses a static json list of emojis to retrieve emoji information. This approach was using an extremely outdated random list of emojis. This update now uses the pwshEmojiExplorer module to retrieve an updated standardized list of emoji information based on public Unicode data sets.
      • Function now returns additional emoji property information:
        • Group, SubGroup, pwshEscapedFormat
    • Send-TelegramSticker - potential breaking change
      • Updated ShortCode to use ArgumentCompletions instead of a validate set with a new set of suggested emoji shortcode completions. The old validate set with old list of shortcodes has been removed.
    • Added new function: Get-TelegramCustomEmojiStickerInfo which is currently experimental.
    • Added -HasSpoiler switch to Send-TelegramLocalPhoto, Send-TelegramLocalVideo, Send-TelegramLocalAnimation
    • Added -Emoji parameter to Send-TelegramLocalSticker which enables you to specify an emoji for a newly uploaded sticker.
    • Updated help for all functions
  • Build Updates
    • AWS Deployment Updates
      • Updated CodeBuild containers from aws/codebuild/standard:6.0 to aws/codebuild/standard:7.0
      • Updated CodeBuild jobs to retrieve secrets from Parameter Store instead of Secrets Manager
      • Added pipeline branch and automated CodePipeline process for easier AWS infra updates.
    • Moved from .github to docs
    • install_modules.ps1 - bumped module versions to latest
    • All Infra/Infrastructure references changed to Integration
    • Added support for readthedocs
  • Misc
    • Updated settings.json for tab requirements to support Readthedocs
    • Updated extensions.json with recommended extensions for working with this repo
    • Added
    • Updated LICENSE year
    • Updated PoshGram icons and logo


  • Added support for WEBM stickers local
  • Send-TelegramURLSticker - updated error message if file size too big
  • Build/dev improvements
    • CodeBuild image updates:
      • aws/codebuild/windows-base:2019-1.0 to aws/codebuild/windows-base:2019-2.0
      • aws/codebuild/standard:5.0 to aws/codebuild/standard:6.0
    • buildspec_windows.yml
      • Updated to use .NET 6.0
    • buildspec_pwsh_linux.yml
      • Updated to use .NET 6.0
    • Minor testing updates
      • Removed Assert-MockCalled references


  • Fixed Send-TelegramPoll bug where Quiz mode answer could not specify first option correctly.
  • Minor spelling corrections throughout
  • Build/dev improvements
    • Changed Pester configuration from static property to New-PesterConfiguration
    • Updated VSCode tasks to no longer use legacy Pester parameters
    • Bumped module versions to latest available


  • Added Protected Content parameter:
    • Send-TelegramTextMessage
    • Send-TelegramLocalPhoto
    • Send-TelegramURLPhoto
    • Send-TelegramLocalVideo
    • Send-TelegramURLVideo
    • Send-TelegramLocalAudio
    • Send-TelegramURLAudio
    • Send-TelegramLocalAnimation
    • Send-TelegramURLAnimation
    • Send-TelegramLocalDocument
    • Send-TelegramURLDocument
    • Send-TelegramSticker
    • Send-TelegramLocalSticker
    • Send-TelegramURLSticker
    • Send-TelegramContact
    • Send-TelegramDice
    • Send-TelegramLocation
    • Send-TelegramMediaGroup
    • Send-TelegramPoll
    • Send-TelegramVenue
  • Added better examples of how to use text formatting with HTML and MarkdownV2 styling
    • Also added a section to the FAQ covering this
  • Build/dev improvements
    • Added support for using new main branch instead of master
    • Bumped module versions to latest available
    • buildspec_windows.yml
      • Updated to use .NET 5.0 and native pwsh install. Removed manual pwsh install logic.
    • Build file
      • Raised code coverage requirement to 95
      • Updated unit test path reference to $script:UnitTestsPath
    • Converted build resources from manual deployment to CloudFormation
  • Updated README
    • Added License badge
    • Adjusted formatting


  • Adjusted error control and error return behavior - potential breaking change

    • Previous behavior: any error (API error, validation error [size requirements, extension verification, etc.] would return a Boolean value: $false)
      • This behavior wasn't especially helpful and did not provide a lot of insight into what went wrong
      • This behavior did not allow you to take any meaningful action if the API endpoint returned a certain error condition
    • New behavior:

      • Any validation error with throw for the failed validation
      • Any API error will return as a PSObject containing the API exception
        • Example 1:
      ok      error_code description
      --      ---------- -----------
      False          401 Unauthorized
      - Example 2:
      ok      error_code description                       parameters
      --      ---------- -----------                       ----------
      False          429 Too Many Requests: retry after 10 @{retry_after=10}
  • General code style adjustments throughout the code-base

  • Build/dev improvements
    • Bumped module versions to latest available
    • Updated Pester tests from Pester 4 to Pester 5
    • Updated CodeBuild to use latest version of PowerShell 7
    • Added new functionality to tasks.json
    • Updated infra tests to have API back off capability


  • String literals throughout PoshGram now use single quotes (') instead of double quotes (")
  • Send-TelegramDice
    • Now supports bowling emoji
  • Added FileName parameter to:
    • Send-TelegramURLAudio
    • Send-TelegramURLVideo
    • Send-TelegramLocalAudio
    • Send-TelegramLocalVideo
  • Added custom and inline keyboard support for Send-TelegramTextMessage
  • Added more examples for Send-TelegramTextMessage help
  • Added additional documentation enhancements for emoji support and keyboards to


  • Send-TelegramLocalAudio / Send-TelegramURLAudio
    • Audio now supports both MP3 and M4A file extensions
  • Send-TelegramDice
    • Now supports soccer (football), and slot machine emoji
  • Send-TelegramLocalDocument / Send-TelegramURLDocument
    • Added DisableContentTypeDetection switch which disables automatic server-side content type detection
  • Send-TelegramPoll
    • Questions can now be 300 characters long
  • Send-TelegramMediaGroup
    • Now supports both audio and document media group types
    • Restructured logic of this cmdlet to engage a new private function: Test-MediaGroupRequirements
  • Added more verbosity in verbose and warning outputs
  • Removed manifest release notes and linked changelog
  • Build Improvements
    • Restructured private tests from one monolithic file to separate private function tests
    • Restructured test folder layout
    • Updated Windows CodeBuild container from 2016 to 2019


  • Added Send-TelegramDice
  • Updated help for all cmdlets to include splat examples
  • Updated help examples for Send-TelegramTextMessage to include properly formatted MarkdownV2 examples
  • Updated Send-TelegramPoll
    • Added newly supported parameters:
      • Explanation
      • ExplanationParseMode
      • OpenPeriod
      • CloseDate
    • New private function Test-Explanation created to validate provided Explanation
  • Added help clarification to Get-TelegramStickerPackInfo for finding sticker pack name
  • Several module build improvements made
    • Updated PowerShell module references to latest versions
    • Infra tests converted to use splat expressions
    • Updated CodeBuild image references
    • Updated CodeBuild to use latest version of PowerShell 7


No Version Change

  • Build/dev improvements
    • Bumped module versions to latest available
    • Replaced monolithic AWSPowerShell module with new AWS.Tools versions
    • Switched Windows Build container to use PowerShell 7 instead of PowerShell 7 preview
    • Updated tasks.json to have better integration with InvokeBuild
    • Switched Infra tests to use new AWS.Tools module


No Version Change

  • Updated README
    • Removed FAQ from primary README
  • Added
    • Added new section under FAQ addressing how to send inline emojis in messages.


  • Added support for MarkdownV2
  • Changed default Parse Mode for all functions from legacy Markdown to HTML
  • Added support for Polls v2.0 features


  • Fixed bug where DisableNotification had no effect when running Send-TelegramSticker


  • Significantly improved formatting of help for all functions
  • Added Send-TelegramURLSticker
  • Added Send-TelegramLocalSticker
  • Added Send-TelegramSticker
  • Added Get-TelegramStickerPackInfo
  • Added Send-TelegramPoll
  • Added Send-TelegramVenue
  • Added Send-TelegramContact
  • Unit Tests split into separate function files
  • Build file
    • Separated Infrastructure tests into new task
    • Adjusted local test to not include infrastructure tests
  • Added full parameter references to unit tests
  • psd1 - Sorted functions and tags alphabetically
  • Parameter adjustments
    • Send-TelegramLocalAnimation
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch
    • Send-TelegramLocalAudio
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch
    • Send-TelegramLocalDocument
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch
    • Send-TelegramLocalPhoto
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch
    • Send-TelegramLocalVideo
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch
      • Streaming changed from bool to switch
    • Send-TelegramMediaGroup
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch
    • Send-TelegramTextMessage
      • Preview parameter renamed to DisablePreview and changed from bool to switch
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch
    • Send-TelegramURLAnimation
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch
    • Send-TelegramURLAudio
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch
    • Send-TelegramURLDocument
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch
    • Send-TelegramURLPhoto
      • DisableNotification changed from bool to switch


No Version Change

  • Updated .gitignore references
  • Updated README to reflect 6.1+ PowerShell version
  • Updated vscode settings for Stroustrup code formatting
  • Added Git community files
    • Code of conduct
    • Pull request template
    • bug report template
    • Changelog
    • Contributing guidelines
  • Updated modules references in install_modules to latest versions


  • Addressed bug where certain UTF-8 characters would fail to send properly in Send-TelegramTextMessage
  • Cosmetic code change for Invoke functions to use splat parameters


  • Addressed bug in Send-TelegramTextMessage that was not handling underscores
  • Added code to support AWS Codebuild


  • Restructured module for CI/CD Workflow
  • Added Invoke-Build capabilities to module
  • Added Animation functionality:
    • Send-TelegramLocalAnimation
    • Send-TelegramURLAnimation
  • Added location functionality:
    • Send-TelegramLocation
  • Added multi-media functionality:
    • Send-TelegramMediaGroup
  • Consolidated private support functions
  • Code Logic improvements


  • Added IconURI to manifest


  • 0.8.3 Initial beta release.